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Errant Bodies [see all series]
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Dialect melodies are passed along since time immemorial and yet are only spontaneously available in the moment. Before caught and preserved they have to be released. Antje Vowinckel reflects upon this paradox through a collection of dialect recordings which are then imitated by humming musicians who try to catch the correct melodic lines.

This recording stems from a collaborative sound experimentation developed as part of a project to create new forms for artistic research within the university. Invited artists, musicians, and researchers produced a series of sound actions focusing on questions of community, creative resistances, sonic agency and the créolité passing between Haiti and Quebec.

This recording is the outcome of two sound projects—a performance and an installation—started in 2010 and 2012. Using a recording device as a sound producing source, the Slovene artist investigates the spatiality of sonic manifestation.

An acoustic-phonetic approach of book's corporeality in 38 tracks.

Alexandre St-Onge pragmatically captures the ungraspable and hermetic sounds that emerge through the creative process.

An initiatory sound journey in the urban jungle of Rio de Janeiro.

A recording of John Cage's original text as read by a deaf individual (audio CD with booklet).

A collection of the audible traces of dancing bodies (audio CD with booklet).

A collection of works from 1999 to the present, delivering an important overview of the artist/musician's pursuit of the uncanny within the everyday.

Dirty field recordings, found sounds, sound effects, archives, and sonorous dramas, composed as a series of micro-narratives each designed to intervene onto imagined settings or spatial locations, as a counter-sonorities.

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Two films straddling the line between documentary and audio-visual meditations on landscape.

Live audio “micro-improvisations” combined with live video manipulations.