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20/27 magazine
French edition
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Special offer for the purchase of the set of issues of 20/27, the reference French magazine of critical texts on art, published since 2008: 67 texts, 1792 pages, 1500 images.

French edition
304 pages, 13 texts, 226 illustrations (N. Shaver by Jean-Philippe Antoine, interviews with K. Walker and I. Wallace, Berdaguer & Péjus by Sylvie Coëllier, M. Rottenberg by Fabien Faure, P. Sietsema by Michel Gauthier, P. Rahm by Guy Lelong, L. Williams by Marjolaine Lévy, M. Blaussyld by Hélène Meisel, W. Raad by Vanessa Morisset, D. Buren by Remi Parcollet, S. Pippin by Frédéric Paul, M. Fortuné by Natacha Pugnet).

French edition
292 pages, 13 texts, 290 works (X. Veilhan, G. Turk, O. Dolligner, P. Broccolichi, M. Cantor, V. Stratmann, J. Koons, C. Williams, M. Boyce, R. Hysbergue, T. Dean, J. Monk, P. Roehr.

French edition
304 pages, 13 texts, 297 works (M. Fisher, I. Genzken, F. Pumhösl, V. Santoro, D. Coindet, K. Fritsch, P. Vadi, L. Montaron, S. Brüggemann, G. Leblon, H. Duprat, D. Blais...).

French edition
304 pages of texts and images (C. Floyer by Marie Muracciol, W. Guyton by Marjolaine Lévy, C. Höller by Dorothea von Hantelmann, M. Kelley by Guillaume Leingre, P. Parreno by Florence Ostende, G. Rockenschaub by Michel Gauthier, A. Sala by Larisa Dryansky, T. Trouvé by Sylvie Coëllier, R. Wright by Frédéric Paul, C. Wyn Evans by Hélène Meisel, R. Zarka by Elisabeth Wetterwald...).

French edition
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312 pages of texts and images, with Larry Bell, Bazooka, Saâdane Afif, Raymond Pettibon, Allan Mc Collum, John Armleder, Loris Greaud, Ballard, Mark Lewis, Laurent Grasso, Blair Thurman, Vincent Lamouroux, Luigi Ghirri, Mario Garcia Torres...

French edition
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272 pages, 15 authors, 250 artworks (Rondinone, de Cointet, Decrauzat, Morris, Sandback, Creed, van Golden, Mosset...).