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M19 [see all series]
Grams of art
bilingual edition (English / Japanese)
€35.00 €19.00
The 2nd issue of the creation magazine presents 34 artworks by 24 international artists (works by Olivier Babin, Wim Delvoye, Liam Gillick, Laurent Grasso, Vincent Lamouroux, Mathieu Mercier, Jonathan Monk, Hugues Reip, Didier Rittener, Franck Scurti, Blair Thurman...).

trilingual edition (English / French / Chinese)
€35.00 €19.00
A new monumental magazine with 28 original artworks by 21 artists (Armleder, Baudevin, Closky, Mercier, Peinado, Serandour...).