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The publishing programme of the Serralves Foundation serves to document, disseminate and encourage multiple perspectives on contemporary art and culture. Over the last twenty-five years more than 350 titles have been published under the Foundation's imprint. They include catalogues of the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art exhibitions and Collection, monographs on artist represented in the Serralves Collection, symposia and conference papers, publications on the history of the Serralves Villa, Park and Museum, and publications on art education, the environment, ecology and landscape.
bilingual edition (English / Portuguese)
This luxurious comprehensive catalogue, lavishly illustrated, brings together works from throughout the artist's career, from early collages and Polaroids, to the images of flowers, nudes, sexuality and portraits that made him one of the most notable photographers of the last century. It includes texts by art historian Jonathan K. Nelson and by Susan Sontag

bilingual edition (English / Portuguese)
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This catalogue, based on works and publications in the Serralves Collection, reconstitutes the trajectory of the KWY group and its members—from Lisbon to Paris, to Munich—, their collaborations with other artists and publications and their links to international avant-garde movements.

bilingual edition (English / Portuguese)
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This box gathers the three volumes of the publication the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art began in 2008, in the framework of the major exhibition dedicated to the director, on the occasion of his 100th birthday.

bilingual edition (English / Portuguese)
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A large survey of Monika Sosnowska's sculptural work.

trilingual edition (English / Portuguese / Spanish)
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A twenty-year survey of works by Julie Mehretu, considered as one of the foremost painters of her generation.

French edition
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The work of Raymond Roussel as a point of departure for an oblique and transversal reading of 20th century art.