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GAMeC – Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo was founded in 1991. The cultural policy proposed by the museum is diversified across its more than 1500 square metres of display area: temporary solo and joint exhibitions by international artists, unseen projects by up-and-coming artists, historically and artistically wide-ranging exhibitions, and projects for artists tied to the local area all provide opportunities for enjoyment to those interested in contemporary art and creativity.
GAMeC has published several reference catalogues, monographs and artist's books with international publishing partners (Confronti – Enrico Castellani, Dan Colen, Dadamaino, Piotr Uklański –, Robert Overby, Giuseppe Gabellone with Mousse Publishing; Mungo Thomson, Latifa Echakhch, David Maljković, Tris Vonna-Michell, Pietro Roccasalva, Victor Man with JRP|Ringier...). Since 2014 GAMeC launched GAMeC Books, an autonomous series of publications devoted to international artists.
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The work of African-American artist Rashid Johnson is considered central in the contemporary debate revolving around the issues of identity, integration and memory. This exhibition catalogue showcases a series of his most iconic oeuvres to offer an intimate yet broad introduction to Johnson's artistic practice.

English edition
Closer to a teen magazine than a classic publication, this catalogue / artist's book by one of the most influential artists of the new media generation features a series of essays by international curators and artists, and exhibition views, alongside elements typical of publications targeting a young audience, such as posters and stickers.

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