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Bat / <o> future <o> (8 titles)

<o> future <o> is conceived by François Aubart, Jérôme Dupeyrat, Camille Pageard, and graphic designers Charles Mazé & Coline Sunier. <o> future <o> continues and enhances the activities of the project △⋔☼ with online and printed publications. It is part of the activities of Bat editions.
French edition
A collection of essays on art and literature—most of them unpublished in French—by the American poet, performance artist, and critic.

French edition
A collection of texts defining utopia as a place existing only within the domain of language, Utopia gives a synthesis of historical utopias and a snapshot of the 1970-1980's poetic scene.

English edition
A novel written orally by the artist Benjamin Seror.

trilingual edition (English / Italian / French)
A corpus of contemporary Roman inscriptions, which testifies the importance of language—institutional as well as popular—in the collective space of the streets (artist's book).

French edition
A re-appropriation of Edward Said's Orientalism by Joe Scanlan.

trilingual edition (English / Japanese / French)
The reprint of two out-of-print artist's books self-published in the 80's by the Japanese artists collective The Play, with a previously unreleased documentation.

English edition
A publication based on the typescripts of Hannah Weiner's singular diary.

French edition
out of print
This catalogue offers a unique insight into the life and work of the French artist, sculptor and ceramist Valentine Schlegel. It features a large iconography, archives, and texts by sculptor and Schlegel specialist Hélène Bertin.