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Optical Sound (39 titles)

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Bundle (special offer for the purchase of the six issues of OpticalSound).

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Cosey FanTutti, Présence Panchounette, Nicolas Boulard, Olivier Quintyn, Wilfrid Almendra, Caroline Delieutraz, Simon Fisher Turner…

Cocoon, the solo project of Clair Obscur's leader Christophe Demarthe, publishes his fourth album on Optical Sound.

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Anniversary monograph celebrating the twenty-year activity of the label Optical Sound and its founder Pierre Beloüin: this anthological publication traces twenty years of activity at the intersection of experimental music and contemporary art, featuring unpublished documents and exhibitions views, an insert, as well as critical texts and interviews.

French edition
Interview with P. Nicolas Ledoux and Pierre Beloüin on the occasion of Optical Sound's twenthieth anniversary; Hubert Selby Jr.; the discography of Etant donnés; a special section dedicated to Marjorie Cameron…

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Original soundtrack of the eponymous “musicfilmdream”, in collaboration with video artist Makino Takashi. Created in tribute to late filmmaker Derek Jarman, this musical score was influenced by the early electronic recordings of pioneers like Terry Riley and Morton Feldman. The two artists first presented this work during the 2016 BFI London Film Festival.

French edition
A re-reading of Walter Benjamin by François Coadou, suicidal tendencies in Rock'n'roll history, Chris Marker's La Jetée, Genesis P-Orridge & Timothy Leary, Salvage Art Institute, Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux, Crammed Discs Records, interviews with Jean-Luc Verna, Jill Gasparina, Ange Leccia, Carole Douillard & Dora García…

French edition
The artist's magazine's rich and diverse third issue welcomes fiction for the first time.

The first live recording of the duo formed by Gerome Nox (sound) and Black Sifichi (spoken words and texts).

That Summer's very first vinyl, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its first album, “Drowsiness of Ancient Gardens”, consists of reworks (covers and remixes) of a number of That Summer's songs by some of the industrious musicians who have been part of the “band” over the years, in some way or other.

French edition
The second issue of the magazine published by Optical Sound, between experimental music and contemporary art.

French edition
The magazine first issue: featuring Gee Vaucher, Stephen Wright, Coil, Glassbox, Claude Lévêque, Mabel Tapia, Franckdavid, Société Réaliste, Raphaële Jeune, Élodie Lesourd, Agnès Joffray, Robert Hampson, Sandy Amerio…

A tribute to Nino Ferrer.

Third album by Cocoon, the solo project of Clair Obscur's leader Christophe Demarthe.

Sixteen visual artists give their vision of Clair Obscur's album We Gave A Party For The Gods And The Gods All Came.

Soundtrack for an exotic elevator, innocent muzak, only a priori, an orchestra with sequins and cheap junk (the soundtrack of Pierre Beloüin's eponymous installation).

Cercueil's first album.

L'étoile Absinthe was composed in 1999-2000 in the composer's studio. Chant d'ombre was composed in 2004 in the composer's studio. It is dedicated to Eliane Radigue.

Three musics for films and installation—one of the most beautiful albums by Simon Fisher Turner.

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A triptych tribute.

Norscq's new album.

A “kit” resulting from the two working visual artists Pierre Beloüin and P. Nicolas Ledoux's cross work.

A piece of concrete music based on voices of children of Lionel Marchetti's family, recorded in familiar holiday places.

An audiovisual performance that stages the texts of the writer Marc-Henri Lamande.

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Two films and a musical piece by Joachim Montessuis.

Tsé (Guillaume Ollendorff)'s second album.

A project by Norscq (The Grief / The Atlas Project) that combines ancient texts, oriental singing, post-industrial electronica and dark ambient.

This installation juxtaposes photographs of eight “landscapes” with “soundscapess” created by French sound artists, who made a free sound interpretation based on the chosen picture and collected raw sounds.

A record of Tuxedomoon covers.

The Grief's greatest hits, with many unpublished, rarities and remixes.

Eighteen figures of the French New Wave scene reinterpret each one of their iconic titles.

The two French musicians Sébastien Roux and Eddie Ladoireextend their ambient explorations through drone guitars and digital manipulation.

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French duo Paradis Noir (Jefferson Lembeye & Olivier Le Borgne) is influenced by both the writings of Malcolm Lowry and the music of PIL, Joy Division and the Velvet Underground, as well as electro-industrial music. Thomas de Pourquery, Black Sifichi and Élise Caron collaborated on this unique album produced by Norscq. The picture disc reproduces two paintings by Tom de Pékin.

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New picture disc by Jean-Luc Verna's band.

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This project stages the collision between the book Walden or Life in the Woods by Henry David Thoreau (1854) and the mission of Mercury Seven (1958) sending men to space. It is a polymorphic work, evoking the questions of autonomy, isolation, solitude, but also contemplation and enlarged perspectives through music and live performance with modular synthesizers.

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Picture disc by Jean-Luc Verna's band.

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The ideal funeral soundtrack (16 previously unreleased tracks by Arnaud Maguet, Cocoon, Robert Hampson & Sébastien Roux, Norscq, Gerome Nox, Paradise Now & Gerard Malanga, Rainier Lericolais & m-o-r-s-e, Scanner, Black Sifichi, Simon Fisher Turner, Coil...).

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The collaboration between J. G. Thirlwell (Foetus) and Fred Bigot (Electronicat).