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Yann Audic
Yann Audic is a real esthete. His photographs show a 360° visual culture, his visual language goes hand in hand with his open-mindedness, as well as his textual language, that proves a true knowledge of books. Yann Audic seems like he's a typical Parisian but it would be a huge mistake to stop at that aspect of his person, that wonderfully covers his tracks. He comes from Brittany, was adopted by Paris, and is married to a Japanese woman. He takes pictures of people, architecture, landscapes, travels, and he's the co-editor of JeanMarie Magazine. With his perfect command of photographical techniques, he works with a film camera for his personal work.
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trilingual edition (English / French / Japanese)
Rue du Bouquet
This photographic book is the result of several trips to Japan: walks in Tokyo, road trip in the Japanese Alps, wandering on the coast of Shizuoka Prefecture… Photographer Yann Audic explores Japan from the perspective of the outsider, mainly focusing on extraordinary banality, everyday things, and the commonplace.