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Roxane Bovet, Lucas Cantori & Yoan Mudry
Yoan Mudry (born 1990 in Lausanne, lives and works in Geneva) graduated from the Work.Master at HEAD – Geneva in 2014. His work is a response and a questioning of the stream of pop culture images and narratives that surround us. At the core of his research is the possible forms and conditions of re-appropriation of these images and narratives. His work was shown in “EUROPE/EUROPE” (2015), Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo; “Everything falls faster than an anvil” (2014), PACE Gallery, Londres; “Dirty like a smiling fish” (2014), Nicolas Krupp Gallery, Basel; and “Pro-choice” (2013), Fri-art, Fribourg.

Lucas Cantori is a publisher. After a Bachelor at Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, he graduated from the CCC research-based Master at HEAD – Geneva where he obtained the Hans Wilsdorf study grant. Co-founding in 2013 the publishing house Clinamen he promotes writing practices among artists, philosophy of sciences and literature in general. In 2015, he founded One gee in fog with Ceel and Claire de Haas. He collaborates with the art space Forde and maintains a conspiring alliance with Bucharest-based artist, and activist, Stefan Tiron.

Roxane Bovet is a researcher, curator, publisher—from Fribourg, Lausanne, Geneva . She creates spaces for dialogue—dialogical spaces. Whether they are physical, virtual, literary, geographical, textual or imaginary spaces, she attempts to bring together things, objects, people and concepts, to mix natures in order to discover the surplus/excesses and carries on a reflection about the world that surrounds us. She is co-founder of Clinamen's publishing house (2013). She has run the independent art space Zabriskie Point with Yoan Mudry and Laure Marville (2012-18). Since 2017, she's part of the Plattform curatorial team. She also sets up several independent curatorial proposals, among others: “HTWW” (Geneva 2017), “Feed your friends” (Bucharest 2017), “Utopias are more or less fascistic” (Basel 2017), “FloppyPoppyWidy MATTER” (2013-…).
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French edition
This collective publication questions the literary strategies at stake in the work of visual artist Yoan Mudry.