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Dave Hullfish Bailey & Sam Watson
In Dave Hullfish Bailey's complex installations he incorporates everything from photography, film, words, sand, grass and grain to drawings and ready-made objects. A turning point in his practice is architecture, especially modernist architecture, and alternative ways of using and creating utopian living structures. In his works Bailey often poses questions about the relation between natural and societal structures. Language and histories are emancipated and new potential social realignments are suggested. Narratives are joined together, expanded and condensed through non-linear systems, diagrams, complex webs, patterns and trains of chain reactions, reflecting the way in which it is impossible to form a singular or fixed viewpoint when social, political and cultural spheres, as well as language, facts and fictions are so inextricably connected.

Sam Watson is an Aboriginal writer and activist, author of two novels, including the highly acclaimed The Kadaitcha Sung (1990). Other major work includes his 1996 short film Black Man Down.

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English edition
Sternberg Press
This publication traces the extraordinary collaboration between American artist Dave Hullfish Bailey and senior Aboriginal writer and activist Sam Watson. structured around their highly political work Maiwar Performance, this book also covers their activities both before and throughout their work together.