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Carla Zaccagnini & Runo Lagomarsino
Carla Zaccagnini and Runo Lagomarsino's artistic practices reflect the trans-nationalism of their respective biographies. Lagomarsino was born in 1977 in Lund, Sweden, to Argentinian parents of Italian descent, who fled the country as political refugees in the mid-1970s. Zaccagnini was born in 1973 in Buenos Aires to parents (also of Italian origin) who immigrated to Brazil in 1981. These migratory roots manifest themselves in both of the artists' practices, evident in their versatile approach to artistic media as well as their engagement in disparate fields of enquiry including linguistics, geography, post-colonialism, national identity, gender, art history and art genres, such as institutional critique. They live and work between Malmö and São Paulo.

bilingual edition (English / Swedish)
The first extensive survey catalogue of Zaccagnini & Lagomarsino, a selection of works from 2001 to 2015 especially displayed by artist Luca Frei and which reflects the two artists' transnational ideals.