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Gianfranco Baruchello
Born in 1924, Gianfranco Baruchello lives and works in Rome, where he created the Agricola Cornelia in 1973. His practice as an artist, poet, videographer and experimental filmmaker is now being rediscovered thanks to a series of exhibitions, and participation in Biennials and group exhibitions, as well as publications.

See also Gianfranco Baruchello & Michele Mari.

bilingual edition (English / Italian)
The publication is the first comprehensive study of Baruchello's relationship with the moving image from the sixties on.

original version, subtitles in English and Italian
Avant-garde meets Cinecittà: in 1964, artists Baruchello and Griffi edit found footage of Hollywood films from the fifties in Italian version. This original assemblage seeks to disclose the formatting process in the Cinema Industry and offer a new meaning to images.