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Zin Taylor
Zin Taylor (born 1978 in Calgary, Canada, lives and works in Brussels) has become known internationally for his elaborate installations encompassing elements of performance and sculpture along with drawing, printing, and video. Narration is an essential ingredient of much of Taylor's multifaceted work, and his stories are often culled from the undergrowth of popular culture (more specifically underground music scenes) and contemporary art lore. Journalism, research, storytelling: not surprisingly, both the spoken word and the printed word figure prominently in Taylor's practice (the artist himself belonging to a generation of practitioners for whom a definite facility with language, both on a theoretical and literary level, has become a key aspect of artistic identity), and many of his installations have also been accompanied by publications and/or artist books.

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English edition
This monograph brings together nearly a decade of work, combining sculpture, installation, artist's book and writing. More specifically, the publication explores the themes of growth and training within the artist's conceptual practice, through a long interview conducted by writer and curator Dieter Roelstraete.

English edition
Sternberg Press
Artist's book.